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  1. Coach Hominem

    What do the Coachs HC?
    In the coaching process we undertake in Hominem Challenge, our coaches are professional opinions that highlight ideas, arouse awareness of existing situations, solutions arise breaking new ground and, above all, support the coachee with which they work.

    What is the profile of the HC Coachs?
    All Coachs Hominem Challenge and the coaches who work with us meet the required standards requirements. Respond to the following profile:
    – With a great interest in people and work with them.
    – With a specific and high-level training in Coaching (personal and executive).
    – With a long experience in the business.
    – With a particular sensitivity to cultural diversity.
    – With capacity to intervene in multiple languages.

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  2. Benefits

    Coaching is a partnership with clients in a creative process and idea generator that helps them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
    Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership that helps clients get good results in their personal and professional lives. They help people improve their performance and quality of life.
    Coaches are trained to listen, observe and customize their approach depending on customer needs. They try to get customer solutions and strategies needed, believe that by nature, the client is creative, and resources. The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that the client already has. How I can find out if coaching can help me?
    International Coach Federation – ICF

    “The time and cost pressures limited staff. The task of a manager is simple: get the job done and train their staff. Coaching is a process with both effects …… Coaching is a business conduct that is at the opposite end of the `Milking and doing’.”
    Sir John Whitmore-Founder of Performance Consultants – UK

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  3. Types of Coaching

    Coaching processes we conduct with our clients, whether individuals or organizations may have different and varied objectives. Therefore, in Hominem Challenge, we distinguish between the different types of coaching process, as they are:

    Coaching skills development
    Coaching with Development process, the goal is to create positive, personal and professional attitudes through the development of skills:
    – Leadership.
    – Effective communication.
    – Decision making.
    – Time management
    – Conflict Resolution.

    Coaching transition
    Coaching with transitional processes, train people to lead transition situations in the best way possible, given time and clear all objectives aspirations. These situations may include the following:
    – The start of a new professional situation in a new role.
    – Integration of a new work team in the same organization.
    – Landing on a new organization.
    – Managing a job search situation.
    – Clarification of a work situation in which you are looking for a new challenge.

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  4. Coaching Process

    Coaching processes we undertake in Hominem Challenge develops:

    – Over 6-7 individual sessions. Although variable, the frequency of these working sessions is usually one every 2 or 3 weeks.

    – In a “Space Coaching”, which can be a room of our offices or another that shows us the coachee or direct client. We usually opt for the space it offers tranquility and relaxation.

    – Using a methodology that is based on a number of key elements, first, to achieve effectiveness and proper functioning of the working sessions and, moreover, respect the ethical code of Coaching. These elements are:
    – Confidence.
    – Confidentiality.
    – Active listening.
    – Awareness.
    – Goal setting.
    – The design of an action plan.
    – The implementation of the actions.
    – The monitoring of progress.

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