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The primary objective of the project is to create, describe and evaluate Method of Competency Assessment in Work Contexts and provide any tools for its practical use in enterprises.

The project pursues the following specific objectives:

– Enterprise development by providing a complete tool of competency assessment and competency, compatible with the EQF.

– Exchange of good practices from local markets of partnership members, to create a tool implementing the national, regional and local economic development programs.

– Strengthening the Life Long Learning approach, by providing the tools set out the direction of development

– Creating a flexible tool, allowing the development of qualifications in the context of the work and creating flexible development pathways.

The measurement of competence is an essential element of strengthening the potential of enterprises, as a starting point for the development of its employees, the diagnosis of competency gaps and the choice of strategic directions. Intellectual Outputs of the project provide a complete set of necessary tools to conduct research competence from beginning to end. It’s not just a description of the method itself, but also a set of concrete, ready-to-use materials.

Assessment of competence made in a specific context, allows you to build development path in that context – which is always a derivative of these strategies. For example, if the regional economic development policy involves the cooperation of local suppliers of products, sample testing competence “communication skills” should refer to the situations of working with just such suppliers. Should provide communication problems in this context, and generate the result of competence in relation to this context.

The ability of assess  your qualifications in the field of social competence and planning of development activities on the basis of this assessment, reflected in the development of key skill: entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship understood as a result of certain social characteristics of human (such as initiative, communication, courage, ability to react quickly) requires a multidimensional approach to its development. Method of Competency Assessment in Work Contexts enables this approach, providing information about the strengths and weaknesses of the test persons, in total making up the level of key skill: entrepreneurship. This makes it possible to provide directions for vocational development, using the potential of each individual, in the context of the work.

Name of the project:  ABC Management   -Agile Based Competency Management

Programme:   Erasmus +

Key action: Coperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Partners in the project: PROFES –Poland; MERIG –Austria; HOMINEM –Spain; E-PEERS –Poland

Duration of the project:    3 years (September 2014 – August 2017)

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