Euromed –Repository of digital professions


The Euromed project was conceived as a joint venture between the European Commission and the Ministers of Industry from the Euro-Mediterranean and endorsed during the French Presidency of the European Union in Nice on the 5 November 2008. The project takes place in the context of a CEN CWA number SA/CEN/2010-21 funded by a grant from the European Commission. The aim is to establish a CWA on a Euromed Repository of digital professions, supported by the Euromed User group.

It is recognised that the creation of knowledge based digital economies depends upon the development of digital professions to promote innovation, productivity and growth.  The primary challenges for improved integration and mutual recognition of ICT professionals between European and countries of the Euro-Mediterranean are as follows:

– Countries north of the Mediterranean need to remain competitive by reducing production costs and this can be supported by sub contracting to economies in similar time zones.

– Countries south of the Mediterranean are faced with globalisation and the need to create job opportunities, they recognise that there are employment opportunities to develop expertise within the ICT field.

The development of a repository of digital professions based upon the e-CF and also a family of European e-job profiles will provide a basis for mutual recognition of competences, tasks and responsibilities associated with specific job roles. This will provide a common basis for understanding job role requirements and facilitate the ICT human resources aspirations of nations to the south and north of the Mediterranean.

Furthermore continuous development of the e-CF, in particular the inclusion of SME orientated requirements (SA/CEN/2009-27) will provide additional opportunities to support mutual recognition of job profiles, either side of the Mediterranean.


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