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Our tutors are experts in their fields, and have the appropriate academic qualifications and professional standing needed for their roles. They’ll help you understand and get the most out of your study materials – preparing you not just for the exams but also for your future career.



You’ll first go through an online induction process, so you can get familiar with the ILearn platform and how everything works. There’s a quiz at the end of it to make sure you’ve understood it all before you start


Study materials

Your learning materials are developed by subject specialists and are updated regularly, keeping them relevant for today’s competitive business environment.


We have processes in place to make sure we mark assignments and exams fairly, consistently, and to the appropriate standard. External examiners check all of our assessment activity.


  1. 1
    How does distance learning work?

    With distance learning, you follow a UK university course without the need to visit a campus. We provide you with all the study materials you need, tutors for academic support, and a student support co-ordinator who will help make your studying successful and enjoyable.

  2. 2
    Can I study from anywhere in the world?

    Yes, you can study wherever you are in the world. Some courses require you to sit formal exams at the university, but we can arrange a local venue if you’re not in the UK.

  3. 3
    How long does it take to complete my qualification?

    It depends on your particular course, please see the course pages for details. Generally you’ll spend as much or as little time as you would if you were doing a campus-based part-time course.

  4. 4
    What support will I get?

    Plenty. Your tutors will help you understand and get the most out of your study materials – preparing you not just for the assessments but also for your future career. Your student support co-ordinator will help you with the admin and non-academic side of things. And our IT support team will make sure you use Ilearn to the full.

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